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SLUGGISH STARTS: In their last three games, the Bengals got off to woeful starts on offense and wound up making furious comebacks that fell short twice. They fell behind 17-3 in the third quarter at Miami before going to overtime and losing 22-20. The following week, they trailed Baltimore 17-0 at halftime before going to overtime and losing 20-17. And they trailed Cleveland 13-0 after the first quarter before putting up a club-record 31 points in the second quarter for a 41-20 win. The Bengals have played three OT games this season and gone 1-2. The NFL record for OT games in a season is five.
HOME IS WHERE ...: Much is being made of San Diego playing four of its last five at home. The Chargers are 2-2 so far this year at Qualcomm,Asics Kayano 23 Homme, where they were 3-5 last year. San Diego also will host the New York Giants, Oakland and Kansas City. The only trip left is to Denver on Dec. 12.

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